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Now you can use Snapchat on the web

Finally, Snapchat is now available for the desktop version of its app after the app has been available on the platform for a long time, and Snapchat for the web has now been made available worldwide. It was originally possible to download a desktop version of the web for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at the time.

The Snapchat web app offers users the ability to send messages, snaps, and make video and voice calls via webcam, voice, and video chat. A user can access the messaging features of the mobile app with the desktop version, allowing them to respond to chat messages as well. Additionally, there are over 10 lenses that can be used for video calls as well.

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It is required that users log in to their Snapchat account using their Snapchat credentials such as their username and password by visiting and entering their Snapchat credentials. Once users have logged in, the two-step verification will be added to their phone, and the user must then enter their PIN. As soon as a user logs in to Snapchat for the web, they are able to continue the conversation from where they left it when using Snapchat for the mobile application.

In an instant messaging chat with a laptop, a Bitmoji will appear in a chat thread when a Snapchat user opens the app on a computer. In this way, your friends will be able to tell you’re using the app on your laptop. It should also be noted that this new version of Snapchat includes a privacy screen which hides the Snapchat window if a user clicks on another task on the application.

Furthermore, in addition to the messaging features in Snapchat for the web, you can also delete your messages automatically after 24 hours, similar to how it works on mobile apps. Snap has made it clear that users are not allowed to take screenshots on the Snapchat desktop app, as the company has made it clear that.

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Despite Snapchat having launched a desktop version of its app, the company is also releasing new chat shortcuts at the top of the chats that will enable users to see all the unread snaps and chats from their friends at a glance. In addition to this, Snapchat is releasing a new “Question Stickers” feature, which allows users to use their stories as an AMA, where they can ask questions in an informal way.

In the near future, these new features will be available to users.


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