Now you can use your phone in flight instead of in airplane mode

Now you can use your phone in flight instead of in airplane mode
Now you can use your phone in flight instead of in airplane mode

There has been a shift in the way air travel is conducted. There was a time when mobile phone were not allowed to be used during flights, as you may already know. Airline crews and passengers were required

to turn their devices off completely or put them in Airplane Mode in order to utilize the service. The lack of Wi-Fi access on long-haul flights caused problems and forced many people to have to pay high prices to be able to use the service. The new technologies, however, are finally creating a change in the rules with the introduction of new technology. In the European Union (EU), passengers who fly on airlines in the region will soon have the opportunity to make the full use of their phones on board.

Has the era of airplane mode come to an end?

Several frequency bands were reserved for aircraft by the European Commission in 2008 and some services were allowed to offer internet access in the air as a result. The service is unfortunately both slow as well as overpriced, so I would not recommend it to anyone. Passengers had no choice but to put their phones in airplane mode, as this was the only alternative they had. The rules, however, have changed as a result.

In European Union countries, airline passengers will not have to put their phones in airplane mode during flights on airlines based in those countries.

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As a result of its agreement with the European Commission, the ‘airplane mode’ rule is now going to be removed from European law. Members of the European Union have until 30 June 2023 to make their 5G frequencies available to planes in order to meet the deadline. In this way, people will be able to use all the features their phone has while on a flight – which means making and receiving calls as well as streaming music and video using apps that use a lot of data. According to the European Commission, new system will be able to take advantage of the much faster download speeds provided by 5G and can be over 100Mbps.

Now you can use your phone in flight instead of in airplane mode

It was feared that these instruments may interfere with the automatic flight control systems, according to Dai Whittingham, chief executive of the UK Flight Safety Committee. What has been found with experience is the risk of interference is very small. The recommendation has always been that once you are in flight, devices should be in in airplane mode.”


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