The students of National University of Management Science have received a huge backlash from the recent test-givers who believe that the test system was full of comical errors. From third-class printing to poor test timing to pathetic management, NUMS could not have made worse mistakes. Not only this, to make matters worse, the key uploaded for the test was also wrong, infact multiple keys were uploaded none of them failing to match the actual test. Students have took to Twitter to express their rage. Here are some of the many who raised their voices:

So the NUMS paper today was pathetic. The paper used is already so cheap we all know but hello how are we supposed to recognize the diagrams with this much cheap ink and paper? So many Out of syllabus questions. Physics ke 19 chapters chor ke sary 40mcqs akhri 2 mai se pochy.

NUMS just updated their key for the 3rd time in a single day and UHS MDCAT result showed 5741 students securing 90% and above. Ofc It means merit will touch around 91 this year and it’s climbing each year. I thinks it’s not the students who are doing extravagant hardwork but…

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The nums mdcat was not only out of syllabus but the sentence structure of most of the questions was so incorrect making it difficult to comprehend what the examiner was really asking for

Students have demanded a retest.

To top it all off, NTS gave away male candidates sheets with pictures of female candidates leaving everything into a huge frenzy. NTS has been put onto high alert after this and have stated that a new schedule will be issued for the redressal of students’concerns.

NTS has deputed a team of Subject Matter Experts for the redressal of issues/queries raised by the candidates… We regret any inconvenience caused to the candidates and their families.

According to the new release schedule, the provisional result will be announced on 8th September; queuries will be accepted till 12th September while the final result to be announced on the 13th of September.

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