So another Chinese company is slowly starting to make a name for itself, Nubia are looking all set to launch the Red Magic 3  gaming . Moreover, they have launched previous models of the devices as well and well these phones are quite hot right now and hence have been brought to the attention of many users worldwide, who absolutely love the device.

Moreover, the General Manager of thecompany, Ni Fei, recently revealed to folks down at GizmoChina,  the key features of the phone before the actuallaunch, which is still a little way down the road. However, there was this one feature that was not very clear to uswhich was the battery of the device..

Moving on, in an  earlier post, Ni Fei had revealed that the latest and new Red Magic 3 will come with a battery capacity update! Well this in turn confirmed that the battery capacity would exceed 3800mA, but the truth is, we never expected the device’s battery to be this big. The GM confirmed today that the Nubia Red Magic 3 will pack a very large 5000mAh+ battery. This would make it one of the largest battery gaming phones in the market today. We already know that the Red Magic 3 will come loaded withthe Snapdragon 855 coupled along a very large 12GB RAM.

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In addition to that, There will be liquid + air cooling to ensure that the phone does not overheat even under extreme pressure, users can expect to get a great experience, Furthermore, what is even more exciting is that the Nubia Magic 3 is said to pack a screen that feels proud of providing  a better refresh rate than many gaming screens out in the market.. While we don’t have the specifics, it’s worth noting that the premium Razer Phone came with a very amazing 120Hz screen refresh rate and wellanything close to that figure will be considered as an amazing feat.


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