There are 6 new features and eight experience optimizations in the Xpeng G3 Xmart OS 1.9.9 that have been officially pushed out.

Optimization of the user experience:

  • Once you say “Hello P” once, then P will be able to complete multiple commands at the same time
  • In navigation, music, car control, and many other applications, you can say the switches or buttons in the application using the “see and say” function
  • There are no strings attached to the command “string”, as the main driver/passenger driver wakes up to become the exclusive assistant
  • It is possible to control more operations and settings through the use of voice outside the big screen

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New features:

  • New USB music playback function
  • Free and self-owned charging stations can be filtered when searching for charging stations on the map
  • Optimize the storage capacity and storage method of Bluetooth phone
  • Improve information security

This update only supports G3 models equipped with Qualcomm 820A chips.

The official guide price of the G3i is $148,900-176,900. The car is 4495×1820×1610mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2625mm; it is equipped with a second-generation permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power/torque of 145kW/300N・m.


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