Oh Samsung How could you?

Oh Samsung How could you?
Oh Samsung How could you?

Well Samsung has been apart of another conspiracy, this time they have seemingly faked the DSLR photos for their Galaxy A8 Star’s Portrait mode advertisement.

Here is the picture in discussion

Now over the course of time many companies have advertised about how good their phone’s camera is by using fake photographs it is not something new. It has happened time after time by mobile phone manufacturers in order to give their product a more attractive presence. But you would think that a company such as Samsung would not need to do this, but well let’s face it, its all just “Business” for most companies and well Samsung has been caught red handed. Now if you go to Malaysia you will find a photograph advertisement of the Galaxy A8 Star which seemingly shows a picture advertising the Live focus feature of the phone. Moreover the photo seems to be showing that the user can manually adjust the bokeh effect to the minimal point as much as the user requires. But the problem is that the picture which is being shown has not been shot by the Galaxy A8 Star’s camera and in turn has actually been shot by Dunja Djudic who is a writer and photographer and moreover has actually put it up for sale on a website called EyeEm.

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Now when Djudic found out about the situation regarding her photo, she immediately used a reverse image search and to her surprise found the image on Samsung’s website. She further says that she was very amused to see the photo of herself, not just because the photo surfaced on Samsung’s website, but more surprised at the way it wad photo shopped.  Furthermore it should also be known that this is not the first time Samsung has done this, they did the same with its Samsung A8 earlier in the year and Samsung was subject to much criticism, by doing that.

Now we all know that this practice is morally incorrect and well ethically just plain and simple wrong even if the company had bought the legal rights of the photo, they are still misguiding potential customers by highlighting the phone’s camera, by using a photo which is actually taken by a professional photographer and a professional camera as the advertisement clearly implied that the photo was taken by the phone’s camera.



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