OIC Extensively Criticized By Current Govt

OIC Extensively Criticized By Current Govt

IT is uncommon for high authorities in Pakistan to openly scrutinize ‘agreeable’ and ‘thoughtful’ nations over international strategy contrasts. Be that as it may, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s ongoing obtuse analysis of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) — in certainty a not at all subtle evaluate of Saudi Arabia — has caused a commotion. 

Addressing a TV channel as of late, Mr Qureshi communicated his disappointment with the worldwide alliance of Muslim states, which is headquartered in and to a great extent constrained by Saudi Arabia. He “deferentially” advised the OIC to gather a Council of Foreign Ministers over the consuming Kashmir issue, or, more than likely Pakistan would “consider a gathering of the Islamic nations that are prepared to remain with us on … Kashmir”. The unfamiliar priest included that Pakistan pulled out of December’s Kuala Lumpur Summit on a Saudi “demand” however now it anticipated that Riyadh should “show administration on this issue”. 

The way this reflects state strategy and not simply the unfamiliar minister’s very own sentiments was emphasized by the Foreign Office on Thursday. The FO representative said Pakistan expected “progress ahead” from the OIC on the Kashmir issue, however she likewise featured the “brotherly relations” among Islamabad and Riyadh. 

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No previous government in this nation has ever reprimanded the Saudis as such. The long-standing financial, political and military ties between the two nations return decades, despite the fact that the relationship has been inclined in support of Riyadh. In any case, apparently the Saudis’ absence of enthusiasm for settling the Kashmir debate has hit a crude sore spot in administering circles, and the government anticipates that our Arab siblings should accomplish more to help end the enduring of the India-held district. 

This paper has since quite a while ago brought up that the OIC has become an old-fashioned discuss work, which does little of substance to address the key issues of the Muslim world, however the state has consistently contested this view. Presently it shows up the decision elite has come round to the way that taking on a supporting role to Riyadh won’t do; Pakistan must clarify its needs — “our own sensitivities” as Mr Qureshi interestingly put it—in an unmistakable and plain design. 

While this nation has consistently supported Palestine and Kashmir, a considerable lot of our Arab companions have mixed to improve or set up attaches with India and Israel. 

Maybe the leader needs to clarify in detail the guide that Pakistan presently plans to follow. All things considered, there are a few geostrategic alliances in the Muslim world; the Gulf Arabs and Egypt are lined up with the US; Qatar and Turkey are diagramming their own course, while Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon structure one more hub. 

Does Pakistan mean to align with any of these developments, or does it expect to make another coalition with similarly invested states? International strategy objectives must be clear and should guarantee that Pakistan takes an ethical stand, while not irritating our companions and supporters.


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