What seemed to be a pretty big ask considering the popularity of app, In a new term of events the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been successful in persuading the TikTok management to  block no less than 93,000 accounts for displaying and posting vulgar content on the platform. 

PTA has just confirmed their followers of the new development in a statement which was released to the general public on Wednesday. The regulators said that the talks are underway with management of several social platforms which includes the video sharing platform which is very popular amongst Pakistanis. PTA has just one goal and that is to completely ban any content which goes against the community guidelines of Pakistan. Being a Muslim nation, the regulatory authority has made it clear that any vulgar and inappropriate content has no place on the internet web in Pakistan. 

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In addition, PTA has also said that they are urging social media websites to act against vulgar content in accordance with the law of Pakistan. The statement further added that PTA received a a very positive response from the Chinese video-sharing app which has officially removed 93,000 Tiktok accounts on the authority’s request.

As per PTA, Facebook has constituted a special team to also look in to the complaints from Pakistan, while the authority has also introduced an online portal for addressing grievances of institutions and after the response they got from TikTok, PTA will be expecting a similar response from the likes of Facebook as well. It seems to be a good a decision keeping in mind the values of the nation, while many others may still think there are bigger issues in Pakistan. What is your take? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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