One more airline set to commence domestic and international operations in Pakistan

domestic and international operations

It appears that reportedly a new airline is all set to begin operations from Pakistan and they will also have international routes in their arsenal, according to latest news it has been found that K2 Airways looks ready kick-start its services later in the year and it is good to see more competition in this industry considering the high fares imposed by the currently available airlines. The company is based in the city of Karachi and as per our information the new airline will serve destinations across the country which include Chitral, Skardu, and Islamabad with expansion plans likely to follow later as the company also aims to fly to international destinations soon after they start operations. 

K2 Airways has signed up to use Rusada’s MRO and Flight Operations Software, ENVISION in its fleet. The selected modules include:

  • Fleet Management
  • Line Maintenance
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Resources

After the agreement was signed by both parties, Rusada will be implementing the system in time for K2 Airways opening flight. Furthermore, Tariq Raja, who is the Chief Executive Officer at K2 Airways, has said that an all-in-one solution would help them make a worthy introduction to the industry. “We are looking to be as streamlined as possible when it comes to our operations, so we wanted to adopt one all-inclusive solution rather than several. This being said, there will always be the need to integrate with some form of external system, and ENVISION’s modern architecture makes this simple and painless, allowing our team to focus on other things”. 

Julian Stourton, CEO at Rusada, expressed his delight at the agreement, saying that his team is excited to play a part in making the new startup, K2 Airways’ a success and is looking forward to working with them to make the airline a favorable option for passengers. “We are seeing more and more the desire to move away from multiple disconnected systems and adopt a one-stop-solution. This is especially true with up-and-coming organizations such as K2 Airways. I am excited that we now get to play a significant part in their upcoming launch and future growth.”


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