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How does one reset Windows 10, 8 or 7 if you forget your password!

Well losing your windows password can be a nightmare not only do you lock yourself out of your own system but all the date you worked hard on to create, save or to download it’s all trapped inside of that system. How do I put this it’s sort of like losing the key to your vault that has inside of itself everything valuable that you own. It’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world as it seems as if you have lost your digital life. Furthermore you’d probably buy a used computer and will you look at that, someone forgot to delete everything so now all you have left is a pricey paperweight which is not cool, not cool at all.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. The PC Unlocker can get you back in to your PC in no time and makes the task much easier. All that you need to do is to borrow a computer to burn a CD or to copy a file to a USB drive, and you will be set to the road to recovery in very little time and to make you more comfortable, the hardest part in this process is to obtain the spare computer, Seriously, the rest is very easy to carry out and you would have gained what you lost, faster than you could ever imagine.

All you need to do is to pick out a copy of the PCUnlocker from the Download the full version of it via the link that will be sent to you on your email and once you un-zip it you will have yourself a ISO file. Pop in the USB key into your borrowed PC after which you will need to put the ISO file inside of the USB drive. Once burned, Pop your PCUnlocker Live USB in to the computer and when the computer will start press the BIOS key to acess the boot device selection menu once that step is done simply choose to boot into the PCUnlocker.

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The only complication is that the BIOS key may vary depending on the manufacturer for e.g HP has the ESC key as the BIOS key while Dell , ACER, Toshiba use the F12 key so you’ll have to find out which key is compatible with the BIOS in your system.

Furthermore once the computer has booted up, you can see that the PCUnlocker utility, which lists all the users on the PC . Simply click the one that you want to reset which in this case is the Reset Password. It is literally that simple enter yourself a new password or you know leave it black to remove the password entirely for future benefit of course you wouldn’t want to be trapped in this situation again now would you? Moving on, if your chosen account was linked with the online Microsoft account (for Windows 10 or 8 only) the program will also switch your online account to local user. Simply restart the device and your good to go.

Furthermore in case you forgot the Domain admin password on the Windows Server OS, PC unlocker can also help you reset that password as well. Simply switch to the Reset Active Directory Password the program will scan your Active Directory core database and load the existing domain users on the server. Restart your device and your good to go.

Fortunately the problem of losing your windows password has now been made easier and it is a thing in the past. You can now also simply just bypass the password on the Windows server OS, reset the active directory password and even find a lost product key for crashed computers

 This PCUnlocker makes the task very simple and helps you gain back what you have lost and so provides you with a very simple way of getting out of this situation. This is one of the most useful utilities out there for PC owners and admins.


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