One UI 2.0 beta will be here soon

One UI 2.0 beta will be here soon
One UI 2.0 beta will be here soon

In accordance to what an official post on Samsung’s community forums has to say, the One UI 2.0 beta, which happens to be based on Google’s latest Android 10, will be arriving quite soon. The Korean manufacturer has also confirmed that its latest flagship series : the Galaxy S10 family will be the very first to use the beta.

If you’re not clear on exactly what devices will be receiving the update first – these will include the Galaxy S10, the S10 Plus and finally, the Galaxy S10e. As it turns out, the Galaxy S10 that has compatibility for 5G won’t actually be included with this first rollout.

It is assumed therefore that Samsung will indeed be following a similar pattern to what it did last year with its One UI Android Skin as the company proceeded on to push out the beta version to South Korean models after which it pushed out to other countries, which included the United States – with the users in the States getting the update shortly after the initial rollout.


Much like last year’s beta, there will be a small amount of invitations that are posted to the Samsung members app for the Korean models that are based in the S10 family. One would have to imagine then that with the limited amounts of slots available, the places will be filled up quite quickly with Samsung then following up to open new slots in other countries.

While the company hasn’t exactly been very definitive in stating the date for when the One UI 2.0 beta slots will open up, the company has confirmed that it is “coming soon.” It won’t be too wild then to suggest that we’ll see it all in action by the end of October.

Much surprise is in the fact that both the Galaxy Note 10 as well as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus don’t appear to be part of this first beta stage. Of course, both the devices will at one point be part of the beta – however, they won’t be part of the initial proceedings.

In any case however, if Samsung does end up rolling this beta out by the end of the month, then it would represent a progress in the time that the Korean manufacturer takes in the roll out process – as it would be faster this time around when compared with the rolling out of One UI last year. The previous beta program took until the mid of November! Consequently of course, it is all the more likely that we’ll see Android 10 in specific Samsung devices – much quicker than we saw the roll out of Android Pie in the company’s flagship last year.


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