Parler, a social networking application popular with US conservatives, is coming back on the Google Play store more than one year and a half after Alphabet’s business was able to remove it in the midst of its January 2021 US Capitol protests.

When the app was first launched on the market in 2017, it advertised it as a free speech area to users who were looking for an alternative to websites such as Twitter. The app quickly gained popularity with Trump’s followers throughout America. United States.

Digital companies from all major sectors cut connections with Parler, however they failed to manage violence-inducing content which prompted Trump supporters to strike at the US Capitol.

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A Google spokesperson confirmed that the app was restored after several measures to control content on the site were taken and included the ability to block the abuse of users and to eliminate any content which could trigger violence.

According to the spokesperson, Parler has significantly updated its software to be compliant with Play Store regulations and will be available for download on Friday.

“Parler is a firm believer to freedom of speech, and, despite market duopoly, has been trying to provide alternatives and options in the thousands of opinions being silenced or blocked depending on their opinions,” said Christina Cravens who is Parler’s marketing chief.


For the record, following being removed by Google’s Play Store, Parler made its application available to Android phones with a second version that can be downloaded via its website.

In May last the year Apple restored the program in the App Store.


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