OnePlus has received great praise and achieved great success over the past few years, and has gained a reputation for being a ‘flagship killer’ due to it providing premium features that many other flagships provide, charging in most cases half the price. But while the fame has started to kick in, it would not be wrong to say that there are still things that OnePlus 5 needs to learn.

With the release of the OnePlus 5 just on the horizon, it’s the design that many of us have taken to be disappointing. The design looks too much like the iPhone 7, or perhaps, as some might view, in an even daunting case – much like the Oppo R11. But what’s even more surprising is that OnePlus is still using a design blueprint from Oppo for its latest smartphone, three whole years after its first. Now, a company that has seemingly ‘matured’ wouldn’t do that, would it?

When OnePlus recycled the design for the OnePlus 3t, people understood the move because the design that belonged to the OnePlus 3 was indeed premium, so recycling the design did not seem to be as big a problem. But with the design that we have seen on the Oneplus 5, it seems almost as if the company has taken a step backward, not forwards.

While itself, the phone is going to be very good, providing amazing specs at a reasonable price, and don’t be surprised if the sale numbers are indeed astronomical. However, the point still remains that OnePlus produced an uninspired design for its latest flagship, leaving many customers disappointed. But let’s hope that OnePlus learns from its mistake this time round, and produces a phone with an original design, a design of its own, in the future!



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