OnePlus introduced us to its latest flagship, and it seems it has taken the world by storm, proven by its high demand. The smartphone has gone on for sale in just a few cities around the world, as well as being on sale online, and if the sales numbers are anything to go by, which they obviously are, the demand is very high, and now the phone is the fastest-selling device that the Chinese company has ever made. The announcement regarding this statement was made on Twitter by Carl Pei, who is one of the founders of the company. However, the exact number of units which were sold on the first day was not unveiled by Carl.

It certainly seems as if the consumers are not at all bothered by the fact that the OnePlus 5 is company’s most expensive device to date, as the sale numbers and demand is high. However, even when you consider the fact that the price of this smartphone is the highest ever set for by OnePlus, it still perhaps seems as a bargain, when taken into account all the specs that come with the smartphone, especially considering the prices that the likes of the Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel come with, amongst others, with seemingly same specs.

So, for now, OnePlus is off to a very good start. Hopefully, we will not be kept in the dark regarding the sale numbers of the fastest device, and we may be given some information regarding the sale numbers after the device goes officially for sale, which will happen on the 27th of June. And if you’re wondering what the actual price tag of the phone is, then it starts at a price tag of $479 and comes with a 5.5-inch full HD display, and the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.


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