Rebooting issue of OnePlus 5’s 911 to be fixed with the release of the new update

rebooting OnePlus 5's 911 rebooting issue to be fixed with the release of the new update
OnePlus 5's 911 rebooting issue to be fixed with the release of the new update

Recently, an issue by OnePlus has been addressed, the issue being that many OnePlus 5 phones were rebooting whenever users dialed 911. Now you can only imagine how big of an issue this actually turns out to be, due to the importance of the three numbers, 911. OnePlus addressed the problem by saying that the company had been in touch with the customer care, and indeed the company also said that it had tested a software update, which resolved the problem, stating that this particular software update will be available for users very soon. Many of the users of the OnePlus 5 have not experienced this issue, however, the problem is present in some of the devices, and thankfully, the issue has been appreciated by OnePlus, sooner rather than later.

There is no denying that the OnePlus 5 is a terrific phone, but to say that this is the only problem that the users of the phone have encountered would be a wrong thing to say. In another issue revolving around the phone, some people encountered the so-called “jelly-scrolling”, which appears when moving up and down a page, and another recent audio problem involving the phone.

While these other problems might seem to be minor one, the latest problem is not to be taken lightly. The phone rebooting everytime someone calls 911 raises a major security concern, because your phone would simply reboot itself, rather than call the police in a time of need. A Reddit user raised the concern when he saw that his phone was rebooting everytime he was calling 911, and based on the comments present on the Reddit thread, it seemed as if there were actually a handful of users experiencing the problem. However, we wouldn’t imagine the issue to remain any longer, because to their credit, OnePlus has acted very fast in addressing, and hopefully fixing the problem.


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