The OnePlus 6T to feature a 3,700mAh battery!

The OnePlus 6T to feature a 3,700mAh battery!
The OnePlus 6T to feature a 3,700mAh battery!

OnePlus officially confirmed that its latest and upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 6T will feature a battery with a larger capacity to its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. What wasn’t revealed, however was exactly how much larger the battery would be. Now though, it looks like we might have had an idea as to how bigger the battery might be, as a leak from microblogging site Weibo just might have told us about the increase.

The leaked photo shows the upcoming phone’s 3,700mAh battery. If this indeed does turn out to be true, then it would represent an approximate 12 percent increase over the 3300mAh battery that was featured in the OnePlus 6, and in all honesty, even this battery was quite impressive to say the least.

This reported battery size of 3,700mAh though impressive, is still smaller when compared to other flagship phones, such as the Galaxy Note 9, and the Huawei P20 Pro, both of whom feature 4000mAh batteries.

A larger battery won’t be the only thing which would separate the OnePlus 6T with its predecessor. Based on old rumors and new, the upcoming smartphone is set to feature a waterdrop notch, along with a slightly thicker chassis in order to accommodate the newest bit of technology it’ll bring along it.

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Along with a notch and newer technology, it is also expected that the phone will bring about a higher price tag when in comparison to the OnePlus 6. Though these seem to be just rumors till now, what is confirmed is the fact that the upcoming phone will not feature with a headphone jack.

However, unlike Apple, and much to the credit of OnePlus, each of the OnePlus 6T’s will feature a USB Type-C adapter to assist the owners in adapting to the newest exclusion from the phone. OnePlus also went on to unveil a new pair of Bullets V2 earbuds, that feature a USB Type-C connector.

Some things are confirmed about the phone, while some are still left to the imagination, however, the good news is that we won’t have to wait too long before knowing for a fact everything there is to know about the upcoming phone. According to various rumors, the phone is set to launch on the 17th of October, so like I said before, the wait won’t be too long.


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