OnePlus 6T to have Finger print scanner

OnePlus 6T to have Finger print scanner
OnePlus 6T to have Finger print scanner

Oneplus has most recently confirmed that its latest and upcoming flagship smartphone, the Oneplus 6T will have on feature which every company seems to be following up on – an In-display fingerprint scanner. The news was confirmed by the company on CNET in an email, while an image was also shared that perhaps is teasing an October launch for the upcoming smartphone.

Oneplus has also noted that the In-display fingerprint scanner won’t be the only addition to the previous flagship – the Oneplus 6. There is also a slight redesign over the existing Oneplus 6. According to some reports, the Oneplus 6T will be 0.45mm thicker than its predecessor in order to accommodate the new technology it will bring with it. Also, since the rear fingerprint scanner won’t be necessary anymore, the phone will have more of a unibody look.

Not only has Oneplus looking to adopt the technology, but other Chinese OEMs too are following the same pattern. It seems Oneplus again is hoping to get ahead with some of the other giants in the market, like Samsung, who are reportedly working on the technology themselves.

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So while Oneplus has announced when exactly the phone will be launched, it looks as if that the company has also secretly revealed exactly when the date will come. In the same report, CNET also posted a picture of the upcoming phone’s lock screenso that the new In-display sensor could be shown. While there isn’t much detail in the image, we can actually see the date listed as October 17th. So that’s probably when it happens.

However, while I stated that this is probable, remember, it isn’t actually concrete just as yet. This date on the lock screen might just be selected at random; meaning it has not link to the release date and is of no substance. So it’s just a chance that October 17th is a actually the date. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Another reason why I might think that this date is probably at random is because of the fact that Oneplus usually releases the T-series in the month of November. It isn’t actually like that is the only month possible, because it is quite possible we see the launch in October, as I’ve mentioned so many times.

So yes, we’ll have to wait and see for official confirmation to know for sure, but I’m sure with all the rumors in mind, the phone will surely be worth the wait.


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