OnePlus 6T leak

OnePlus 6T leak
OnePlus 6T leak

No more than two weeks remain until we see the official launch of OnePlus’ latest and upcoming flagship smartphone – the OnePlus 6T. There have been a substantial amount of questions that many pose with regards to the phone – related to the specs and whatnot, however, amongst the most famous questions include : exactly how much will the phone cost?

Now, thanks to the latest leaks, we have an idea as to how much the phone will cost, since the launch details in India have now been revealed, and though the prices that the phone will demand in India has been revealed, we can at least estimate what the phone is set to cost, on a global scale.

According to the information that has most recently been revealed, there will actually be three OnePlus 6T variants, similar to the case we saw with the OnePlus 6. Amongst these three models is set to come between 6 and 8 gigs of RAM, and between 128 and 256 gigs or internal storage.

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The prices set out for the three variants are as follows : the 6GB + 128GB mirror black version will likely cost you 37,999 INR, the 8GB + 128GB mirror black/midnight black version will set you back around 40,999 INR, and finally, the 8GB + 256GB variant will set you back around 44,999 INR.

So basically, the base model, which will cost 37,999 INR, then it comes out at around $476, however, it’s highly unlikely that such a price will be the one demanded in the US, let alone on a global scale. Many speculate that since the OnePlus 6 came out at around $529, then the OnePlus 6T will probably come at around $549.

Such a leak also suggests that on the launch, there will be only two colors available – mirror black, and midnight black. However, I wouldn’t advice you to think that these will be the only two colors for the phone, since the Chinese company has a habit of launching new colors gradually.


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