OnePlus 6T to ship with Android Pie

OnePlus 6T to ship with Android Pie
OnePlus 6T to ship with Android Pie

At first, it was speculated, and actually close to being confirmed that the OnePlus 6T would launch on the 17th of October. However, while the launch won’t take place tomorrow, it is still relatively close, as the phone is set for a 30th October launch.

It has also recently been confirmed by the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, that the Chinese branded phone, the latest flagship of OnePlus, is set to come with the latest version of Google’s Android software – the Android 9 Pie. And while this isn’t at all shocking news, because let’s be honest, pretty much everyone was expecting this, it still is the first time that the company has officially let such news out.

This particular version of Android 9 Pie, on the OnePlus 6T, will be skinned over with the OxgenOS, and will actually be quite different from the pie version that the users are experiencing, on the OnePlus 6. It will have some new gestures, as well as a whole new UI, all in accordance to the OxygenOS development team.

So now that it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 6T will ship out with Android 9, what about the older devices from the company? In the past, it has been confirmed by Lau that the OnePlus 3, 3T, OnePlus 5, and 5T, all will receive the pie update, it is actually taking longer than many expected.

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The original time line that was set for these older versions was by the end of this year. Although the timeline wasn’t altered by Lau himself, he didn’t exactly clarify much else beyond that. So while many expected that these phones will receive the Pie update by the end of 2018, don’t be surprised if the update is pushed all the way to early 2019.

Finally, it was also confirmed by Lau himself that the OnePlus 6T will go on sale in China, on the 5th of November, which is six days after the global launch, which, like I mentioned above, is set for the 30th of October. Also, it was revealed not so long ago that the OnePlus 6T will land in Europe on the 6th of November, so it is expected that we will see the launch of the phone in multiple countries, about a week after the official launch event takes place.


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