OnePlus’ next flagship series in the OnePlus 9 series already happens to be under development and the speculation concludes that OnePlus is poised to launch its next flagship smartphone series sometime next year in March. And now, we already have information present over its model numbers as well as some of the keys specs that the smartphones will feature with.

The latest tip makes way going on to reveal that there will actually be three devices that will actually be included within the OnePlus 9 series. Indeed it is claimed that amongst the three models, one will be the regular OnePlus 9, while another will be the OnePlus 9 Pro. The third device unfortunately enough for now, remains to be a mystery.

Indeed the three names for the Pro that we have heard of might actually end up being three variants of the device. But for now, it’s wise just to wait for confirmation. Also, with that said, the model numbers  actually happen to match the first two letters of the “Lemonade” codename that a rather popular tipster revealed a little while ago.

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Regardless of the whole process of model numbers, the report has also actually gone on to claim that the OnePlus 9 series will go on and feature with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, an AMOLED display with a centered-punch hole, a 144Hz refresh rate screen, an IP68 rating, NFC, dual stereo speakers, and more. Also, if indeed the report happens to be true, the next flagship from the Chinese manufacturer will boast 40W wireless charging in addition to the 65W fast charging offered via wired charging.

Perhaps the most interesting things that we have found within such reports is the centered punch-hole display. So far, Samsung, which has perfected this particular design, hasn’t actually lent it to other companies. The Korean manufacturer first use the device for the sake of the front-facing camera sensors on the Galaxy S10 series. As of now, Samsung has actually termed it as the Infinity-O branding. Nonetheless, if reports are true, then the Vivo X60 Pro will make way as the very first company other than Samsung to make use of a centered punch-hole display followed by OnePlus.


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