Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has been known to release two flagship-grade phones every year. Indeed the brand’s premium handsets for the second half of the year come as the OnePlus T series. However, as far as this year goes, a reliable tipster has gone on to claim that there won’t exactly be a T series phone this year-round.

However of course if OnePlus does in fact end up announcing a T series phone this year, it is likely to be called the OnePlus 9T: a handset that has in fact been rumored for some time now. The rumors though were before what the reliable tipster had to say. Unfortunately, though, the reason has not been given out before now.

Due to the fact that the company has indeed been known to make announcements before the launch or cancelation of any product, it is expected that OnePlus will give out the reason as to why it won’t be releasing the OnePlus 9T. However, like always, it’s not exactly like OnePlus will end up giving a straightforward answer.

One reason that might end up being true is the shortage of semiconductors – especially the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. The upcoming flagship in the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has also actually been delayed for the very same reason.

Of course, it also kind of makes sense for OnePlus to not release yet another high-end device as far as the second half of the year goes – especially when you consider the fact that there aren’t exactly any huge improvements in the models released in this period of time. This is probably also the reason why there wasn’t any OnePlus 8T Pro last year as compared to the OnePlus 7T pro a year prior.

Hence it’s quite possible that OnePlus will end up quietly discontinuing its T series of devices.


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