Soon after the launch of Google’s latest android software – the Android Pie 9.0, companies started to pledge that they would soon bring the software to their devices. Amongst those most recent of the club range from the likes of Vivo, and HTC, after they recently made statements that they are indeed in the process of bringing the Android Pie to their devices, and it won’t be too long before we see the software running on their devices as well.

As far as the other companies go, Sony has already brought the Pie update to its smartphones, and this includes a wide range of smartphones as well. Now, following the suite, OnePlus has also confirmed that the Chinese brand is looking onto bringing the Pie update to more of its devices. According to the statements made by the Chinese brand itself, the OnePlus 5, and the OnePlus 5T will be getting the update to Google’s latest software version. Some OnePlus 5 and 5T users have also just started the process of beta testing Hydrogen OS 9.0.

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The OnePlus Android Pie update promises a whole new UI. The 5T too will be getting the luxury of Android Pie’s full-screen touch gestures. Not only this, but the handling process of the background apps has been revamped to deliver a much smoother experience when compared to previous times. Even so that the caller ID of the phone has been improved, just so there could be a way to set a default SIM for dialing a given contact, or perhaps, even a group.

With accordance to Google, their latest software goes on to offer the latest edge-to-edge screens, alongside a cut-out camera, as well as an excellent speaker. Another one of those major features is App Actions, that actually goes on to insert quick actions based on your activities within the app launcher, at certain times of the day. Also, not to forget, Android Pie will also bring a whole new navigation system.

In previous times, OnePlus had gone on to delay the Pie update for the 5-series and the 3-series, however, now it seems that even though the update was prolonged previously, the phones will indeed be getting the update by the end of the year.


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