OnePlus claims its device are bloat-free – they’re not

OnePlus claims its device are bloat-free – they’re not
OnePlus claims its device are bloat-free – they’re not

OnePlus is quite well known for its OxygenOs – which happens to be the company’s close to stock android mobile software that is quite favored amongst many around the world. But now something new has come up which perhaps goes on to render the claims that have been made by OnePlus as invalid. The Chinese manufacturer has been long promoting its OS to be bloat-free however the OnePlus phones do actually come with certain third-party apps that happen to be pre-installed.

The Chinese company has made a habit of advertising its OxygenOs as being bloat-free. However, its smartphones do arrive with third-party apps like Netflix as well as Facebook right out of the box.

The company also recently proceeded on to end its OnePlus IDEAS beta program which gave the users the opportunity to share new feature ideas. The company has also gone on to confirm five features that will be implemented in OxygenOs – one of which will actually be the Always-on Display.

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Anyways, coming back to the point where OnePlus allowed user to express their ideas, the brand actually received more than 5,000 ideas and one popular one was to allow users to choose the apps that they want to install while they set up their phone. Such an idea was suggested so as to further enhance the bloat-free experience.

OnePlus though quickly disregarded such an idea as the company claimed that there are users that actually expect certain apps like clock, calculator and gallery right out of the box. The company also said that the inclusion of Netflix and Facebook is there to enhance HDR playback.

Of course it is no secret that both these apps are available on the Google Play Store and can quite easily also be installed. It is true that most people do indeed use them. And so it is to a certain degree beneficial for these users to get the apps right out of the box. However, considering the fact that these apps cannot be uninstalled does also mean that the experience cannot at all be termed as bloat-free.


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