OnePlus expected launch date still undecided!

OnePlus expected launch date still undecided!
OnePlus expected launch date still undecided!

OnePlus. It’s almost time to wave goodbye to September, and this time, this goodbye will bring huge levels of excitements, and all for the good reasons – because of the fact that October is set to bring us a multitude of smartphones. Some in particular seem to include the likes of the Google Pixel phones, the iPhone XR, and some other phones here and there – but let’s not forget one very special device which too is set for an October launch – Oneplus’ latest and upcoming flagship phone, the Oneplus 6T.

And while we knew for quite some time now that the phone is set for an October launch, what wasn’t clear was exactly when the launch will actually take place; however, this seems like a distant problem now, because with new reports emerging, we may now have a date for the occurrence of the official event.

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Previous reports suggested that the launch event for the OnePlus 6T is set to take place sometime in the coming mid-October. Now, a very recent leaked invitation has appeared on Weibo, and this shows a unit with not only the time for the event, but also the particular date that it is supposed to be held on. It’s possible, even probable at this moment to say that the event will take place on the 17th of October, at 11 in the morning. It’s not the first time we’re hearing about such a date, because it was teased to much of an extent a while back ago, however, the leaked image is pretty much sealing the deal for what we thought could be the date for the event to take place.

It is most likely that OnePlus itself will confirm the date, sooner rather than later, so we won’t actually have to speculate over what will happen for too long. And look at the bright side – even if we don’t have the confirmation over the date for the event, at least we know for confirmation that this new model will definitely include an In-display fingerprint scanner, however, much to the disappointment of many, it won’t actually possess a headphone jack.


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