OnePlus explains why the OnePlus 6T lacks main features including a notification LED

OnePlus explains why the OnePlus 6T lacks main features including a notification LED
OnePlus explains why the OnePlus 6T lacks main features including a notification LED

OnePlus 6T will be getting the title of most famous phone right now, if we draw a comparison of all the phones that launched last week. Well, the phone is an upgraded version of the OnePlus 6 and it brings lots of new features but, on the other hand it also lacks some and biggest of them being an audio jack.

Yes you read it right, the story not end yet as apart from the lack of an audio jack, there is almost a list of missing features such as wireless charging, an IP rating, a notification LED, and an Always-on-Display.

OnePlus got lots of criticism over all this missing features drama, so to clear their position company held an AMA session where it gave reasons for the lack of some of these features.

According to OnePlus, the reason behind removal of the notification LED is the presence of the ambient feature called “lift up display” as owners could just lift up their device or tap the display to see if they have notifications even without unlocking the device.

On the other hand, removal of always-on-display was needed as this feature caused a battery drain. It is important to mention here, this feature was originally present on the OnePlus 6 but later on it was removed via a software update.

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As per OnePlus, it is still considering the “functional value vs power consumption” of this feature before putting into practice it in future (probably via an update).

In answer to the lack of an IP-rating, Carl Pei said the OnePlus 6T is designed for everyday use and not for “edge cases”. Therefore it will really survive accidental spills and drops into a pond as these are issues that might occur every day. But, it won’t stay alive if you take it diving in view of the fact that it is not an “everyday scenario”.

OnePlus said that there is also a lack of support for the beta program by the T-Mobile edition and also a minor delay when it comes to receiving updates since the carrier version needs an extra level of certification by the operator.

On the other hand, it was also said that an official glass screen protector will be launched for the phone.

Well, many OnePlus fans argue on the matter saying that the difference between OnePlus and virtually every other flagship manufacturer out there is the “user experience”.

According to them, the OnePlus community is well-versed and educated in the tech world and they know what they want. The ultimate goal of OnePlus is enhancing the user experience.

Still, removal of audio jack from OnePlus 6T is a big question for the company and supporting fans.


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