While the rumors certainly seem to suggest that OnePlus’ latest and upcoming flagship is well and truly on its way, there hasn’t actually been any confirmation from the company itself that this is actually the case. However, today, the founder of the Chinese brand, Pete Lau pushed out a teaser on Twitter which more or less confirms the OnePlus 7.

Pete did not actually refer to the phone by the name itself, instead giving it the name of “the new product.” However, the GIF image which came attached with the tweet went on to strongly imply the number seven.

The strong suggestion that the next device coming from the Chinese brand will be called as the OnePlus 7 wasn’t the only thing Pete Lau managed to do, as the founder of the company also strongly suggested that the tag line for the device will be “Fast & Smooth.” The tagline which featured for the OnePlus 6T – last year’s flagship was : “Unlock The Speed.”

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One thing which many found interesting was that in Lau’s tweet, he went on to use the word “smooth” four times, if the GIF itself is also included. And hence, we can to a certain extent conclude that smoothness of the device will be the overall emphasis for the device, and this actually compliments the previous rumors that the phone will feature with a curved display, as well as a pop-up selfie camera – which will likely smoothly rise from the inside of the phone well.

As of now, the rumors strongly suggest that the phone is set for launch sometime next month, with a strong rumor coming from a well-known tipster, who has claimed that the phone is set for launch on the 13th of May.


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