OnePlus patents smartphone with a bezel selfie camera

OnePlus smartphone bezel selfie camera

Smartphone manufacturers have made the habit of making phones that feature with minimal bezels these days. Hence, following this particular suite, the front facing camera is either placed in a notch or indeed a punch-hole. Future phones are in fact expected to make their way with the aid of an under-display camera. However though, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has recently gone on to patent a smartphone design with a long-forgotten selfie camera solution.

Indeed OnePlus recently proceeded on to file a patent with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in mid-2020 titled ‘display apparatus’. This particular patent actually got approved as well as published on the 4th of Feb this year.

In accordance with what the patent documentation goes on to suggest : this smartphone design makes way with the aid of a front facing camera in the top thin bezel. And so, users won’t exactly be distracted like they are on phones that feature with a notch or indeed a punch-hole.

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Also, the patent’s paperwork goes on to suggest that the solution actually happens to be an inexpensive one when compared with digging a hole in the display panel. This is down to the fact that the production cost is low while both the yield as well as the reliability happens to be high. And so, it could indeed be a better alternative to not only notches and punch holes, but also under-display technology.

For now though – we can’t exactly say for sure whether the Chinese company will be releasing a smartphone with this particular type of selfie camera placement. However, it certainly does make its way as a possibility due to the fact of course that in-screen camera solutions make way with their own set of pros and cons – in addition of course to being expensive. It is nonetheless worth mentioning that Meizu actually had a similar design to that explained above with its Meizu 16s Pro and the Meizu 16T.


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