In a bid to not only speed up things, but make them much easier for us, OnePlus has now listed its weather app on the PlayStore, so now all OnePlus users can simply download the app and use it to their benefit. The app is a very decent one, because of the fact that it sticks to the basics of things. The app is basically a pretty simple one, which sticks to its job; telling you weather information. There is not much else to the app, which can be regarded as a good thing. You download a weather app for the weather information, and not much else, don’t you?

The app provides dynamic animations along with current weather, offers weather alerts, and is capable of supporting for multiple cities. Even though you can check the forecast for the next six days, it is still a bit limited in this respect, when compared to other weather apps. You cannot also see hourly forecasts, or other important stuff such as wind speed and humidity. However, all the data that is actually displayed will be very accurate, because of the fact that it will be provided by AccuWeather.

The app is now available for free on the PlayStore, and as of now, it is only available for the OnePlus users to download. So, if you do not own a OnePlus smartphone, then it’s not that big a problem, because there are also many other weather apps, which might actually do a better job; but if you are a fan of simplicity, then it will probably be difficult for you to find a more simpler weather app, with the same level, of course.


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