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Online Investment Drains Pakistani Civilians Of Rs5.6 Billion

An online venture organization has swindled in excess of 100,000 KP occupants of Rs. 5.6 billion. 

As indicated by subtleties, PSlash, the organization being referred to, had set up an office in Deans Trade Center in Peshawar this year in January. 

The organization raised critical assets by hoodwinking clueless land and advanced and unfamiliar cash speculators on the appearance of returning benefits up to 13%. 

In any case, on 20 November, the organization’s site obviously went disconnected and a notice appeared on it which read ‘framework is hacked.’ 

Survivors of the trick, a considerable lot of whom have lost as long as they can remember reserve funds, have said they can’t contact the organization’s delegates since 20 November. 

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They asserted the organization had changed its name threefold from Earn Bitcoin to Payslash lastly to PSlash. They said the specialists and administrative staff of the organization consistently guaranteed them that the organization was enrolled with SECP. 

A legal advisor speaking to one of the casualties has said that the principal protest against PSlash for dubious exercises was held up in FIA on 24 August while the subsequent grumbling was enlisted with PTA on 16 September. 

Nonetheless, FIA and PTA neglected to make a convenient move against PSlash which brought about 100,000 individuals losing their well deserved cash, the legal counselor added. 

Had the organization and the controller made an opportune move against the fake organization, this billions of rupee trick would not have occurred in Peshawar. 

A senior authority in FIA Peshawar has recognized that the trick is worth Rs. 5.6 billion however declined to clarify the purpose for the office’s inability to make a move in spite of accepting a proper grumbling a couple of months back. 

Likewise, a PTA representative additionally conceded that the controller had gotten a protest against the organization in September.


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