Online portal for Cybercrime Complaint in Sindh by FIA. With the advent use of social media, the rate of cybercrimes is also increasing day by day. FIA has taken many steps in order to overcome the issue by introducing a complaints registering process of cybercrimes in different cities all across the country.

In this regard, another initiative has been launched for the people of Sindh as from now they won’t have to physically approach the officials of the cybercrime unit. In order to facilitate the victims, FIA has launched Cybercrime Complaint Portal in the province where people can register their complaints.

Dr. Amir Ahmed Sheikh who is Sindh FIA Director announced the launch of Cybercrime Complaint Portal on Tuesday. He advised the victims to report their issues to the authorities through online portal of cybercrime and cyber harassment.

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The objective of new online portal is to make it easy for victems to register their complaint from the comfort and safety of their own homes. For this purpose, around 50 million broadband subscribers are added in the country.

This initiative is highly appreciated as several people; mostly women do not feel comfortable walking into the FIA building to report any particular incident or issue.

In order to provide the user friendly environment, FIA made the complaint referral form quite simple to understand and this form is available in 3 different languages (English, Urdu, and Sindhi) so people from diverse backgrounds can easily avail this feature accordingly.

In nutshell, the website is pretty user-friendly and anybody can easily navigate it to report their complaint.

According to Dr. Sheikh statement, if the victims are not comfortable in sharing their name then their identity won’t be revealed by FIA and if any condition in the law abides them to share the name of the complainant, then it won’t be passed on without his/her consent.

It is important to mention here that in Pakistan Cybercrime law was introduced in 2016 to overcome the ratio of crimes taking place in the cyberspace.


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