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Opera has integrated ChatGPT into its sidebar to generate short summaries

In addition to a new feature, Opera has also launched a new test feature that adds a ChatGPT-based AI tool to its sidebar, which provides users with a summary of the content of the article or web page they are currently reading in a ChatGPT-based chat platform.

Per Wetterdal, head of Opera’s strategic partnerships and its AI ecosystem, made a statement in a statement that stated: “We are delighted to see the emergence of solutions like Google Bard and to be able to build and roll out new experiences that previously seemed impossible.”.

According to Jan Standel, vice president of marketing and communications at Opera, the company has been working on several AI features to enhance the browsing experience and plans to add “popular AI-generated content services to the sidebar,” in addition to the new AI features. It isn’t clear what these features will be, however. In terms of the changes that will be brought about by this, it is unclear.

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In November of last year, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a natural language processing model that has already made a significant impact on the world and is quickly gaining traction. As a chatbot, the tool is able to answer questions in a conversational manner and it can also be used for generating code as well as other types of content.

Aside from that, Microsoft just launched a new version of its Bing search engine ( as well as its Edge browser this week that incorporates the recently released ChatGPT technology developed by OpenAI, which Microsoft describes as being similar to having a research assistant, a personal planner, and a creative partner while you are on the Internet.

The new Edge browser will also offer a similar “AI co-pilot” experience, which will allow users to summarize web pages, articles, or help them generate text for social media posts in much the same way that Opera above offers.

Furthermore, earlier this week, Google also introduced its AI chatbot Bard to the public, although users have not yet been able to try it out yet.


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