So the major Chinese company have made their ambitions clear and hence that, the company would like to be the very first Chinese OEM which will release the first ever 5G smartphone. Now we know what you’rethinking, that Xiaomi have already launched the Mi Mix 3 5G, however, the phone is still not released in the market, the reason being, as many would have suspected, that it is a little to early. Hence, OPPO are set to become the first major OEM to sell its 5G phone, initially in China. It is still not clear however, when the actual phone will release but OPPO have just announced that their first 5G smartphone has successfully passed the 5G CE test of the international testing service agency, Sporton International Inc. Furthermore, it should be noted that Sporton is a Taiwan-based company which is focused on theprocess of testing and the certification services for wireless communications and mobile communications products. The device has also reportedly obtained the 5G CE certificate which was issued by a German agency known as CTC advanced.

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Moving on, the company’sfirst CTC-certified 5G mobile device has a whole of advantages such as, multi-frequency, multi-mode and multi-combination. In addition to that the phone also supports more combinations such as 5G n78 frequency band, wider frequency band, and is also capable ofcovering 2G, 3G, 4G networks, and is suitable for a wider range of countries and regions. Furthermore the acquisition of the CE certification means that the company’s 5G mobile phone has in turn fully met the standards required by the European Union (EU) which includes, wireless, security, electromagnetic compatibility, health, and some more requirements which further  means that OPPO have met the necessary conditions for starting operations in the European market. Henceforth, OPPO can noweasily commercialize the product when they do release the phone in Europe.

Furthermoreas per the news from the Vice President of OPPOwho is also the overseas business unit head, Wu Qian, the company are full on prepared for the early implementation of 5G mobile phone commercialization and OPPO have been found to havestarted their 5G research and development way back 2016 which was 3 years ago and they worked on this project in collaboration with Qualcomm, The US Chipmaker.


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