What’s up with the Oppo and OnePlus merger?

Oppo and OnePlus merger

The merger of OnePlus and Oppo was actually announced earlier in this year, and this actually left many fans with a bunch of worry as they had been left wondering of the negative consequences that this merger would have. However, as of now, it seems as Oppo and in particular the company’s staff roll, happens to be bearing the burnt of the deal.

merger of OnePlus and O

Indeed in accordance with a report coming in from Bloomberg citing “people familiar with the matter,” Oppo is actually in the process of shedding 20% of its staff from its ColorOS software development, smartwatch and audio product teams based in its home country of China. The move happens to address several staffing redundancies after the integration with OnePlus took place. Also, compounding this particular Stagg list is brewing economic slowdown showcased in China courtesy of the global chip shortage as well as the fresh restrictions which have been placed in response to the Covd-19 pandemic.

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While indeed Oppo is in the process of making cuts in rather key software as well as wearable teams, it’s rather notable to consider the fact that the company’s hardware division teams remains untouched. This of course comes with no surprise given the positive global performance that it has seen in the more recent times.

Indeed Oppo actually ended up becoming the largest OEM in China in January of this year as it went on to outsell its sibling brand in Vivo as well as the long-term Chinese leader in Huawei. Of course its push into Europe has also seen major success too. Its market share saw a rise to 82% last year as it went on to ship 82 million units within the region. However, it is in North America where Oppo continues to struggle – a region where OnePlus has seen great success in though.


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