In December of last year, Oppo proceeded on to showcase an under-display camera phone prototype during the Future Technology Conference 2019 that it held in Shenzhen, China. A prototype has yet leaked and is said to be that of the Oppo smartphone that will make its way with an under-display camera technology.

The under-display camera technology was first subject to being utilized by ZTE on the Axon 20 5G which was subject to being announced just a couple of months back. The phone happens to be a mid-range device designed to test waters. The feedback though hasn’t been too impressive especially due to the fact that the selfie camera quality turned out to be below par. Oppo is very likely to improve this on its very own device.

This particular device features with a notch-less display and hence a full-screen design and has a camera embedded within the screen. The rear design wasn’t shows however, an earlier patent filing by Oppo did actually show that the device will actually pack a circular camera design at the rear. As of now, the only Oppo model which has such a camera design is actually the Ace 2. And so, the under-screen phone may end up launching as the Oppo Ace 3.

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Xiaomi already happens to be working on under-screen camera phone. But we don’t expect that Xiaomi’s model will actually arrive anytime before next year. The same situation holds for Oppo. And hence, we may just see a number of smartphones next year that will make their way with the under-screen camera technology.

Of course we quickly are moving towards this concept as the cut-throat competition that exists within the smartphone world right now means that manufacturers will need to offer full-screen displays in the near future so as to satisfy the consumer needs in terms of more futuristic designs. More and more companies are moving towards this concept, and it won’t be long before we see it being implemented across the whole of the smartphone industry.


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