Oppo’s Very own Credit Card?

Oppo credit card

A new report coming in has gone on to reveal that Oppo might just be working on a new finance-based product. Indeed a recent trademark filing has ended up revealing the name “Oppo card” which might just be similar to the Apple card which was launched back in 2019.

For those of you who are unaware, the Apple card was launched back in 2019 and actually saw great success. It was indeed an attempt from the iPhone maker to “revolutionize” the credit card market and now, by the looks of it, it seems that the Chinese tech giant might indeed aim to follow suit. Indeed as per a recent filing on a Chinese trademark portal, the brand ended up filing for the Oppo card under international classification – 9, which has an application number 57108414.

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The news arrives courtesy of a DroidMaze report – which found out that the trademark filing has yet to be actually approved as of right now. Moreover, the finer details with respect to this particular card are also still unknown. Although Apple card is indeed making its way with certain security features as well as the added benefit of no fees, it might also go on and imply that Oppo could follow a similar path with its very own card. Indeed this could end up meaning that we could see its own implementation of security as well as other interesting features.

Of course, rather notably, yet another Chinese company has also gone on to launch its very own version of the Apple card. Back in 2020, the Huawei card was unveiled, while Google is also indeed rumored to be working on a similar product. And so all in all, it would come as no surprise if Oppo is actually working on its very own card as well. However, it is still too early to tell hence stay tuned for more updates.


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