Oppo enters British market. The Chinese smartphone brands “Oppo” is getting ready to debut its smartphones business to the UK. It is confirmed!

TechRadar has recently reported after having confirmed the news that Oppo is going to launch its smartphones in the UK. The news site TechRadar claims to be in contact with the Chinese smartphone company to reach the authenticity of the documents appeared online via LetsGoDigital.

The documents that were revealed by LetsGoDigital, suggest that the Chinese firm had registered the names of 40 mobile devices in the UK, and now there is no need to be worried about the authenticity of the news as a spokesperson from the company has confirmed this to be true.

While responding to a question about whether Oppo phones would arrive in the UK, the spokesperson told the representative of our most trusted site that “that’s correct, however we don’t have any information or timescale to share on the UK at this moment.”

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The firm has just recently entered the European market, announcing its arrival during the Oppo Find X launch in Paris, but at the time it did not confirm whether the UK would be getting its handsets.

While the innovative Find X, with its 3 pop-up cameras, will be available in a handful of European countries, the smartphone is missing from the name registration that was leaked, so it is still unclear whether we will be treated to the all-screen phone.

However, we are not totally unaware about the company’s plans as it is confirmed to us that there will be a new smartphone player in the UK soon, and Oppo has a history that offered decent bang-for-your-buck so, it has the potential to worry the big names.

Though it is not confirmed when will be the first handsets reaching the UK, we will let you know as soon as we confirm the dates.


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