Soon in the coming times, it is expected that a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will be subject to being added to the rather growing list of manufacturers of smartphones with a foldable or indeed a rollable display. Chinese manufacturer Oppo is in the news as there are rumors circulating that conclude that the company is in the process of being in the final stages of releasing its very own take on a foldable smartphone by the end of June or possibly July of this year. This was subject to being noted by popular tipster in Digital Chat Station – who of course is known for its high degree of accuracy when it comes to leaks.

The race for the delivery of a foldable display seems to be within the top priority of various Chinese smartphone brands – including of course the likes of Xiaomi, as well as Vivo – together with Oppo and a few amongst the others, as well as of course Google – all of whom are pursuing to release their respective models within this year. It is important to note also that all of this information is only speculative and none of these aforementioned companies have actually put forward definitive statements of their intent to launch these foldable devices in this year at least.

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On the other hand, another Chinese giant in Huawei has actually gone on to announce its very own take on a foldable device as far as the year 2021 goes. Indeed both Huawei as well as Samsung could well end up being the frontrunners when it comes to the foldable race – as both have put out some form of confirmation with respect to their plans.

There are also rumors that actually suggest that most of the upcoming smartphones that will come with the aid of foldable display are versions that will end up making way with in-folding capacity – as compared to the initial out-folding capacity models that have of course previously been produced by manufacturers to date.


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