Oppo has recently unveiled ColorOS 14, the latest version of its operating system, initiating the global beta rollout in select regions. The Oppo Find N2 Flip is anticipated to be the pioneer device receiving the stable version of ColorOS 14 in mid-November. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the new features and enhancements introduced in ColorOS 14:

Enhanced Trinity Engine: The updated Trinity Engine boasts three key components. ROM Vitalization compresses app and file data, potentially saving up to 20GB of storage on a typical smartphone. RAM Vitalization replaces standard Android RAM management, enhancing the retention of background apps. CPU Vitalization optimizes the balance between chipset performance and power consumption.

Smart Charging System: Leveraging AI algorithms, the Smart Charging System dynamically adjusts the charging current based on usage patterns, with the aim of minimizing battery wear over time.



Privacy and Convenience Upgrades: Picture Keeper enhances privacy by requiring additional permissions to access specific photos and videos. Smart Image Matting enables the cropping of multiple subjects from photos or video stills.

Additionally, Smart Touch allows users to select and collect text, images, and videos from various apps into the File Dock, a clipboard-like feature that syncs across ColorOS devices.

Snapchat Integration: ColorOS 14 introduces a Snapchat shortcut on the lockscreen and a dedicated widget on the Shelf for quick access and updates.

Aqua Dynamic Design: The UI undergoes a revamp with a focus on minimal distraction, featuring common design elements like bubbles and panels emerging from the status bar.

Aquamorgraphic Colouring System: This system dynamically adjusts the color scheme of the status bar and on-screen content based on the time of day.

Go Green AOD Style: A new Always On Display style is introduced, along with dynamic Bitmoji stickers that change based on your location, activity, and other contextual factors.

Rollout Schedule: The global beta version of ColorOS 14 will follow a specific schedule, subject to regional and carrier variations. Users can anticipate the stable version arriving on the Oppo Find N2 Flip in mid-November.


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