OPPO may launch a phone with an Under-display camera this year

OPPO may launch a phone with an Under-display camera this year
OPPO may launch a phone with an Under-display camera this year

So one of the major objectives of smartphone manufacturers around the world is to bring about an amazing viewing experience for their many users, and objectives change overtime with tastes in fashions continously changing, viewing experience has been the fashion in recent times. Manufacturersopt for different strategies such as putting in an dew drop notch, pop-up slider which developed to uplift the viewing experience on smartphones and much more. With thatin mind the famous Chinese smartphone manufacturers – Oppo look ready to jump on the bandwagon to in turn bring about a change in strategy or theme.

The company are looking ready to launch a phone with the addition of the new under-display camera this year. This in turn has been leaked by a pretty well known a popular leaker known by the name of Ben Geskin, who revealed this in a post he made using his Twitter account. However, Mr Geskin also shared an image of an unknown smartphone along with the new announcement. There wasn’t much mentioned about any other details regarding the phone in discussion. Moreover, it is however suggested that the new phone may come with thin bezels, sliding camera mechanism, and may well sport a design similar to the various devices that come along with the addition of pop-up cameras.

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Furthermore, quite like the under-display fingerprint sensor, the upcoming Oppo smartphone will feature a new camera underneath the phone’s display. Oppo’s success with the new camera technology will open a lot of opportunities for the vast majority of the smartphone manufactures. It will help them to save the smartphone’s basic design model.

Samsung and a few other manufacturers are currentlyalso in the works of developing a similar technology to in turn hide the front camera and make their phones with a full on aspect ratio. In that regard the Vice President of Samsung’s R&D department says that “The technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera’s function in any way.” In additionto things, few patents related to the underneath cameras have alreadyappeared on the trademark registration offices in some countries.


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