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Oppo patents its very own take on Galaxy Z Flip

If you want to own a foldable device that proceeds on to fold in a vertical manner, then you have only two options in the Galaxy Z Flip line from Samsung and the Razr from Motorola. While we have seen other manufacturers patent devices that make their way with similar designs, none other than the aforementioned brands have a device of a similar nature that you can buy right away. Nonetheless, now, an Oppo patent has made its way online which goes on to show the Chinese company’s taken a vertically folding phone.

The patent was subject to being filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and was approved as well as published a couple months back. In accordance with what the documents were suggestive of – the foldable phone proceeds on to use a rotating hinge with gears which allows the phone to be fixed at up to four different angles.

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Renders shown which are based on the patent images actually show that Oppo’s foldable phone doesn’t exactly come with a cover display. This refers to the fact that when you fold the phone, you won’t exactly be able to see as to who is calling or what notification you received until and unless you unfold it. This of course is the striking difference when compared with the other foldable phones found in the market – which of course make their way with a smaller display on the outside. On the other side of the story though, the main display happens to be a tad more conventional – due to the fact that it makes its way with a centered punch hole.

The renders go on to show that the phone from Oppo makes its way with three rear cameras. Of course due to the fact that Oppo is not known to shy away from the sheer number of cameras – the possibility that this foldable may feature multiple cameras is very likely.


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