You’d imagine that in this day and age, you would have to save some money to buy a flagship smartphone from the company that you like because let’s be honest, smartphones these days don’t come at a cheap price, at least the really good ones. But if you have a glance at the Oppo R9s, you’d quickly realize that this is not the case. Coming at a fraction of the price of the premium flagship phones, this phone is a thing of beauty, with not many flaws.

Amongst the many pros of this smartphone, it has a killer camera. With a 16 megapixel camera, you’d have to say that Oppo R9s means business. The camera is developed with the assistance of sony, has a zippy shutter speed, and is more than impressive in low light, and together with beauty mode, oppo’s custom selfie filter, you are bound to look amazing when you take a selfie on this phone. Basically, oppo has hit all the sweet spots with the camera. And all this for a reasonable price of just $400, reasonable when you consider the hefty prices of other flagship phones.

Now that we’ve talked about the camera, let’s talk about another major plus point of this phone – the battery. The battery is no less impressive than the camera. There was just under 16 hours of continuous video playback, something not even the iPhone or the pixel can achieve, and actually, when you compare the battery, it is miles ahead than the likes of the iPhone 7 or the google pixel. And with the option of flash charging, you wouldn’t have to be away from your phone for too long, as just some minutes charging can get you hours of service in return.

Perhaps one major con in this more than the impressive phone is its design. Many experts have agreed that it doesn’t have the best of design. The phone feels just a bit rough around the edges. The aluminum construction stops it from feeling cheap like plastic, but there’s no getting around those slightly uncomfortable edges. But at the end of the day, you would imagine this phone to be worthwhile, especially when considering the price, and even though it may have some issues with the design, its camera, battery and performance make it a very decent gadget.


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