OPPO Reno will come with a VOOC 3.0 which will improve battery life by 23.8%

OPPO Reno will come with a VOOC 3.0 which will improve battery life by 23.8%
OPPO Reno will come with a VOOC 3.0 which will improve battery life by 23.8%

One company which is slowly gaining on the top market competitors is OPPO, which have been releasing some very interesting smartphone’s at a very reasonable price. These phones include latest features and an amazing sense of innovation. Now, we believe that OPPO‘s SuperVOOC fast charging technology is easily the best and fastest quick charge technology for smartphones currently in the market andwhile OPPO is also launching some really nice car chargers with the supersonic SuperVOOC feature, the company have revealed that the technology will not be comingin the upcoming OPPO Reno but instead the new Reno devicewill pack with it the latest VOOC 3.0 technology.

Furthermore, the Vice President of OPPO confirmed on Friday, in a Weibo post, in the said post he gave away some reasons as to why the Reno cannot have SuperVOOC technology. Now according to the senior executive, theSuperVOOChas some very specific and precise requirements in contrast with the physical size of the battery and space that the phone’s components require. Reno does not  seem to meet these requirements but instead, the new device comes with big battery capacity and the size may be a little too thin which would mean that the components would need to be compacted. In addition, the fast charging technology will be powered by a latest VOOC 3.0. As revealed by Mr. Bryan Shen,  the new VOOC 3.0 will use an entirely new technology which will bring the total charging time to 23.8% faster than the current VOOC 2.0, which will charge your phone in a matter of 30 minutes. The VOOC fast charging technology is based on a low voltage pulse algorithm and customized super battery developed by the company. The charging technology churns out 20W of power just quite like the OnePlus Dash Charge and will recharge your phone from 0 – 75% in 30 minutes.

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It should also be noted that, OPPO’s rise to the being one of the top companies in the smartphone industry came becauseof the catalyst known as the VOOC flash charge technology which the company embedded in their various devices Furthermore, the company took the bar higher when they introduced the Super VOOC Flash Charge technology at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. The technology only found its way to the Find X Lamborghini edition that was launched last year. It should be noted, that, the Find X Lamborghini edition packs with it a 3,400mAh battery, while the Reno devicewill reportedly come packed with a much larger 4046mAh battery pack. Super VOOC can charge a 2500mAh battery only 15 minutes and to 45% in just 5 minutes, which is very fast and so

 Reno have played it safe by not putting in the Super VOOC technologyas it doessuite big batteries. We expect the VOOC 3.0 to offer a faster charging performance, which will at least equal out that loss


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