OPPO teases users with a new lineup of smartphones

OPPO teases users with a new lineup of smartphones
OPPO teases users with a new lineup of smartphones

So the Oppo company’s Vice President Mr. Yen Shirin has address various reporters and hence announced the company’s new lineup of smartphones which the company have dubbed as the Reno, the new teaser opens with a message which states that “Say hello to Reno”. Furthermore, the VP revealed that Reno will start supply of this new line of phones in the market on 10th April, 2019 by initially releasing  its first smartphone in this lineup. Moreover, the logo that the company have designed for this new line is very variant and  full of colors and patterns which hints that these new phones may well be targeting youth with its smartphones.


So for no one has given any informationother then the initial announcement of phone and well neither the VP nor any of its official accounts are ready to give out any information regarding the new initiative. However, one major update on the phone the device will come packed withOppo’s 10x zoom technology in its cameras and a top-level Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. In addition to this the company also released a teaser on the series and well by the looks of thing,, we can make some guesses about the phone, based on the visuals in the teaser.The teaser is very short, only a few seconds long but it does reveal that the new smartphone will be packing a triple sensor rear camera. The camera is placed at the center of the smartphone’s upper body with a flash at the top-right.

We have however not picked up any signs of a fingerprint sensor being present in the phone and with the placing of the camera, we expect that it will not be mounted on the back. So, either, the fingerprint sensor will be mounted on the side like Samsung galaxy A7 or at the front or maybe there will be no fingerprint sensor, or maybe it is an in-display fingerprint, you never know people. One thing is for sure though, users are impatiently waiting to get more information on the phone, don’t worry we got you covered.


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