Recent talks have all been about how these Chinese manufacturers have made it an initiative to innovate and create new forms of technology for the entire industry to admire. Among them is OPPO who has been excellent when it comes to moving the tech industry towards exciting possibilities like the Find X which was an incredible smartphone aiming to maximize screen usage but the only let down was its price. However, OPPO isn’t just done yet, as they have just unveiled the first Under screen camera at this year’s MWC. This is a huge step towards making the front end of smartphones only display, decreasing the overall size of the device and increasing the display size in the process.

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Lets start with the evolution of trying to get the screen to fill up the front of the displays. At first there were capacitive and physical buttons that became a norm for easy usage of device and many preferred the tactile feedback given by buttons and didn’t want to rely on on screen buttons. However, times changed and now people trusted gestures more so the only thing left was front camera and sensors that would require space upfront. This was dealt with initially by notches and then later by cutouts but no one truly found a way to get them out of the front area. So some tried moving parts to make it a popup camera but lets be honest who trusts moving parts in smartphones these days. So now, what should be done?

OPPO has the answer with the USC. OPPO says that the display uses a transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can get through to the camera. OPPO has acknowledged that this would result in decrease in photo quality with problems of haze and glare. So this means that we are onto the next big problem to solve!

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