Qualcomm just released the latest chipset for the next generation of mobile phones, and apart from being a 7nm chip, the chipset becomes the first ever to have the possession of a 5G device within itself. While countless phones are said to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest, it is true that actually now, major smartphone players should have sourced their fair shares of chipsets by Qualcomm. However, now reports have surfaced that OPPO, amongst all the manufacturers, strives to become the first ever to have the luxury of releasing a 5G based smartphone.

While OPPO wants to be the first manufacturer to release a 5G based phone, the company is quite confident for such proceedings to take place, too. On their Weibo official handle, the company shared that it indeed wants to be the first manufacturer to release a 5G based smartphone, and interestingly enough, on the 30th of November, the company was the catalyst for the first ever 5G mobile phone WeChat video call.

While pretty much all manufacturers will end up with a 5G phones at their disposal sooner rather than later, it is the crown of being the first ever that really matters. Especially when you consider OPPO’s position, even within the Chinese market itself – with other major local  players such as Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi constantly going toe to toe, it will be a huge boost for OPPO’s ambitions if it does indeed manage to release the first ever 5G device.

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The local rivals of OPPO, OnePlus also have recently made the announcement that the company is actually gearing up to launch its first ever 5G smartphone, and the company expects such proceedings to take place in early 2019. There has also been an announcement by OnePlus’ behalf, on the same topic, that the phone will also obviously feature Qualcomm’s latest – the Snapdragon 855. While the race is set between the two companies, no matter who comes up won’t be of much dispute to BBK electronics – a company which parents both OPPO and OnePlus.

The race is indeed set, not just between OPPO and its local rivals, but manufacturers from all over the world want to be the first ones to release a 5G device. Which company ends up taking the crown, we can only wait and see.


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