Oppo and Xiaomi might be getting Samsung’s foldable displays, amongst others

Oppo and Xiaomi might begetting Samsung foldable displays, amongst others
Oppo and Xiaomi might begetting Samsung foldable displays, amongst others

It’s been no secret that Samsung wants to release a foldable Smartphone, and also wants to be the first company and manufacturer to do so. Now the company looks set to release a foldable smartphone sometime in 2019, and it is likely, as reported by some reports that this particular phone will be known as the Samsung Galaxy X.

A new report surfacing from Korea says that Samsung is actually planning to sell some of its foldable display technology to competitors around the market, and it is suggested that both Oppo, and Xiaomi are already in talks over Samsung with regards to the foldable displays.

What happens usually with Samsung is that the company creates a new technology or design process, and then it integrates this technology into its own products. After a suitable time period of waiting, the company actually plans out to sell the tech to other companies. However, as is the case with the foldable displays, it looks like Samsung is planning to move the whole process at a much quicker pace, completely unlike how the company has approached proceedings in the past.

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So one thing which might be going through your mind is – why would Samsung want to sell its Technology?Well, the answer to this is quite simple. It is because Samsung wants to create a dependent market. Have this scenario in mind : if Samsung releases a foldable phone and it does well, that would actually be pretty great for Samsung, however if Samsung creates an entirely new smartphone market and most of its competitors don’t have the means to achieve what the company has set out,or meet the demands that the market requires, then Samsung would be there and the companies in question would have no choice but to buy the technology.

Of course the drawback to Samsung business plan  would be that the phone which they end up releasing next year, the galaxy X, or whatever it ends up being called – won’t actually be the only foldable smartphone present in the market. This in turn would obviously eat into Samsung’s sale numbers. So this just might prove to be a risky business move for the company.

2019 is obviously looking like a huge year for Samsung – with the company looking to release not only the first foldable smartphone the world will ever see, but also the galaxy s10, and also the company’s first ever 5G smartphone.


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