Orient Electronics is crushing the competition with an abundance of sales for its customers. It has extended not one, not two but all THREE of its sales simultaneously, making it easy for the customers to decide which company to flock towards. The prominent appliance company is offering a lifetime warranty on its DC Inverter ACs along with a discounted price, a 10 years warranty with the minimum discount of Rs 5000 on its Refrigerators and a chunky discount on all it 4K UHD LED TVs.

Sale on Orient’s Foremost Products


Orient’s DC Inverter ACs have always been in demand for their budget-friendly, superior performance. With the early arrival of the hot weather, the company decided to extend its Life Time Warranty offer until the 10th of March for its online customers while maintaining the discounted prices.


A problematic compressor can damage the whole system of a refrigerator. The Electronics Company reassures its customers of the high-grade quality of the compressors installed in the fridge, but if the customers have even the tiniest bit of skepticism, then they can be at peace as Orient is offering a 10 years compressor warranty on all its refrigerators. The 10 years warranty offer also comes with a discount of at least Rs 5000.


The 4K or Ultra High Definition LED TVs to provide a complete visual experience with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. That is four times greater than the resolution of a standard LED TV screen. The 4K LED TV manufactured by Orient has an uncompromising UHD picture quality but come with a discounted price affordable for all.


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