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Orient’s Ultron Super touted as the Truly Smart Inverter AC for all the Right Reasons

Orient recently launched Ultron Super Inverter AC and it is already grabbing headlines courtesy of its impressively smart features.

This Smart Inverter AC is beyond the other ‘smart ACs’ which can only be turned on or off via Wi-Fi.

Ultron Super AC by Orient has a host of magnificent traits which make it stand out in the market for Inverter ACs. It has a smart system embedded in it which allows it to record all of ACs activities and consumptions so that you can always keep a track of how your AC is running.

Ultron Super’s Superb Electricity Consumption Management

The system of your Smart Ultron Super has a host of tricks to help you manage and reduce your electricity bill. We mostly set our AC at 18 C to cool the room but the AC never actually achieves this temperature. The AC thus runs at full speed without a break and results in soaring electricity cost. Ultron Super, being the smart AC that it is, detects the comfortable temperature and suggests it to you so that you can always have ideal coolness and lower electricity bills.

Its system shows all of the updates about its events (activities) on a Timeline in the form of statuses which are then displayed on your smart device; a smartphone, laptop or tablet; via the Orient’s newly launched mobile app ‘MEVRIS’. This app allows having a record of all that your Ultron Super is doing in real time and even has a record of the history so that you may be aware of your AC habits.  If there are any errors that may prevent your AC from performing to its fullest, the Timeline lets you know about them too.

Ultron Super’s Built-in Meter gives you a completely accurate reading of voltage, amperes, power and units in the form of striking visual graphs simplifying the air conditioner’s consumption behavior for you. These statistics too are available both as per the present use and the history of usage.

Online control like never before

Control your Air conditioner from any corner of the house or any part of the world with a mere push of the button on your smart device. You can command your AC to increase or decrease the temperature, change the mode or fan speed and even control how it is used, for how many hours it is used and who uses it.

Scheduling for Convenience

Ultron Super has the feature of scheduling as well which enables you to schedule its temperature, mode, time etc. weekly, monthly or even yearly. It also has the option of multiple scheduling for absolute flexibility.

The smart Ultron Super can only be bought from Orient’s official website and has exclusively been released for the online customers for now.

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