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Other franchise leagues start to ring alarms bells for PSL

A huge challenge lies ahead for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) since various franchises have already begun to sound alarm bells in their own Pakistan Super League (PSL).

According to the information According to information, five events are scheduled to occur in January/February 2023. Alongside PSL the Australian Big Bash League (BBL) Cricket South Africa’s brand T20 League, Cricket South Africa’s T20 League, Bangladesh Premier League (PSL) and UAE International League will be in the process of being played.

In this scenario the availability of the top players will be a daunting challenge. BBL begins on December 13 and run until February 4. As Cricket Australia (CA) owns all teams, the club will be scared of losing even more. The draft for players is being introduced as a first, to bring the event to a higher level of popularity for the fans.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has made a decision to launch the first T20 tournament in the month of January to replenish its void in the funds. The board has not just renounced an ODI game against Australia but also harmed directly participating for this year’s World Cup.

BPL will take place from January and February, while the Emirates’ T20 League is scheduled from January 6 until February 12. the billionaire owner of franchises have already begun to lure superstar players with big sums of money.

In addition, two Pakistan cricketers have been offered the offer PKR 120 million from an organization called the UAE League.

PCB has first reached out to Cricket Australia (CA) for an agreement that players are not released for non-ICC full members or private leagues. It is also planned to convince other cricket boards of the major leagues.

It is clear that the reason for this is to focus on the Emirates league. BCCI does not allow its players for international leagues. If Pakistani cricketers don’t participate in the UAE tournament is likely to lose its luster.

But, it’s not simple to Pakistan players to decline the huge offer. PCB will pay up to 40% of the compensation, but players could be able to lose money.

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UAE League has yet to decide whether to opt for an draft or auction models however, each franchise has the right to contract with four players.

On contrary, the PSL franchises have urged the board to hold the governing council and immediately take note of the seriousness of the issue.

“We have a question about what the reason is for why the PCB is so relaxed.,” said a PSL franchise official under the conditions of anonymity.

“The meeting of the governing council hasn’t been scheduled for the past ten months, players are paid a lot within the UAE league, and the board is going to end its players’ careers by threatening to pull them out however, how can they stop foreign players?” he questioned.

“Players are humans and not machines, so how do they manage to be able to participate in so many sports in a short period of time? The majority of them will go to their homes with a bagful of dollars after they leave Dubai,” he added by recommending PCB to come up with a strategy regarding this.

A franchise official added three leagues are currently being played in Pakistan even though PSL ought to have been the primary focus for developing as a major brand but , following the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) the preparations are in place in preparations for the Pakistan Junior League.”

“When we’ll be running numerous leagues on our own How can we get other leagues to cease?” He said.

Syed Zurnain Abbas
Syed Zurnain Abbas
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