It is crystal clear that momentum is building! And Ottawa is a driving force in Canada’s tech sector development.

Ottawa’s tech sector is getting boom day by day. It proudly set highly concentration of scientists and engineers in North America by having more than 1,750 tech companies and the nation’s largest tech park (Kanata North).

More than 77,000 ICT professionals from public and private sector showcase their expertise in Ottawa’s tech community. Giants such as Amazon, Nokia, Blackberry, IBM, Cisco Systems Ericsson, Corel, and Adobe showed up their interest in tech sector of the city.

Headquarters of homegrown stars such as Shopify, QNX, Kinaxis, You.i TV, Klipfolio, Lixar, Spartan Bioscience and Mitel are also situated in the city.

The flood of Investment by Tech firms and talent are making their way to Ottawa from far and wide. In this region, career opportunities from entry-level to executive are rising in emerging technology fields like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, wearable, and the IoT.

HR departments are plying their part to meet the demand, and working keenly with organizations such as Invest Ottawa and the Kanata North Business Association by providing a platform to emerging talent.

The city is a source of opportunity whether you are looking for a career or your next entrepreneurial hit Ottawa is the best place to get it even you are thinking about your business expansion.

According to Data reports of Thomson One, Ottawa’s tech companies raised more money over the last five years in the public markets than firms in every other Canadian city combined. Which is a huge achievement?

Looking for a little more evidence?

Shopify is looking forward to hiring 2,000 new employees only in Ottawa in upcoming two years.

QNX which is the boss in the connected car space will be establish a new Autonomous Vehicle (AV) R&D facility that will generate an estimated 650 new jobs.

Ford Motor Company will set up a Research and Engineering Centre whose core superpose will be on the connected car and autonomous vehicle technology valued at $338 million, creating up to 300 new tech jobs.

 Amazon the giant has also established an engineering team in Ottawa. It is aggressively in quest of innovative horsepower to grow key applications for Alexa, the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant which is the backbone for Amazon’s voice-activated Bluetooth speaker, Echo.

Ottawa has the most educated workforce in Canada. There is no surprise element in the fact that these firms are capitalizing on Ottawa’s engineering talent anchored by top colleges and universities.

Invest Ottawa and the Kanata North Business Association, which put great efforts and showcased more than 500 companies in the Kanata North Tech Park, are proud to add value in the growth and success of Ottawa entrepreneurs and firms, create a center of attention for new investment, and make a strong regional market.



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